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guest sunday morning on "meet the press." >>> overseas now to syria which today saw one of the largest demonstrations there in months. it's been a year of uprisings and violent crack downs but the crisis continues without let-up. today, dozens more were killed. amin mojadin has our report. >> reporter: nine months into the syrian uprising, hundreds of thousands took to the streets today. protesting the regime that shows no signs of backing down. in this year of the arab spring a wave of change that toppled hosni mubarak of egypt and moammar gadhafi of libya. syria has managed to hold onto power. the cost, more than 5,000 lives since march with more killed each day, even as many soldiers defect and the uprising lurches toward civil war. nothing has slowed down the carnage. not even the presence of arab league observers. their job, to ensure the regime's compliance is an agreement aimed at ending the crack down. while the syrian government allowed the arab league in it has banned foreign media from reporting firsthand from inside the country. >>> the opposition is using home video to get
in an election year. >> andrea, while we have you here news out of syria. arab league are witnessing the uprising and the government crackdown first hand. what are they finding? >> it's very troubling so far to u.s. officials because the arab league monitors have been on the ground for two days and they have not pushed back against restrictions that the regime has imposed on their inspections, and neez are the first outside monitors that syria has permitted in. they have blocked their access to key areas where atroscities are reported. the u.s. is withholding any formal criticism because they hope this mission can succeed. in these two days the monitors have not gotten in and activists are reporting six more killings and opposition leaders are calling this arab league effort a farce. lester. >>> important health news tonight about the fight against ovarian cancer, which kills more than 15,000 american women each year. two studies out tonight show avastin a drug approve ford other cancers but is controversial could help women buy more time in the battle with this deadly disease. we get more now fr
leader's son and successor kim jong-un followed the hearse. >>> without monitors now in syria, demonstrators made sure their voices would be heard. amateur video shows tens of thousands taking to the streets reportedly calling for the execution of president al assad. critics debated whether government tanks pulling back was just an attempt to mislead monitors. >>> the high stakes battle of western powers, iran threatened to cut off oil exports from middle east if the west imposes sanctions on oil sapmehipments. they threaten to close the strait of hormuz. as state department spokesman dismissed the threats as, quote, bluster. >>> now, here's a look at other stories making news early today in america. michigan police were recently involved in a high speed pursuit of one of their own suv cruisers wearing only his underwear. a suspect hopped behind the wheel after escaping from a backseat. it ended with the suspect crashing into vehicles at a roadblock. no injuries were reported. >>> a lawyer for a group of single mothers in hawaii calling their theft inside a toy store a despera
across syria left as least 25 people dead wednesday. an activists group says army defectors killed 25 soldiers in security clashes this morning which would make it one of the deadliest attacks by rebel troops in the nine-month uprising. >>> a commercial satellite company says it captured a photo of china's first aircraft carrier taking an apparent test ride in the yellow sea. they bought the ship from ukraine in 1998 and spent years refeshing it and arming it. >>> some startling new numbers from the centers for disease control and prevention based on a new survey of domestic violence. one in four women reported being violently attacked by a husband or boyfriend. a number researchers called astounding. while one in five women said they had been sexually assaulted. >>> and researchers have spotted a giant gas cloud spiraling into a super massive black hole at the center of our galaxy. that's pretty cool. thought as -- or thought it's known black holes draw in everything nearby, it will be the first chance to see one consume such a cloud. >>> well, now here is an early look at how wall s
monitors on the ground in syria, reports of deadly new violence continues to emerge. amateur video shows what appears to be arab league monitors wearing vest touring the central city of homs. at times those monitors were forced to take shelter as gunfire could be heard in the distance. activists claim government troops open fire on unarmed protesters killing six, bringing the death toll to 39, in just two days since the monitors arrived. yesterday more than 700 detainees were freed after a human rights group accused the government of hiding the prisoners from those monitors. >>> here is a look at some other stories making news early today in america. north dakota firefighters went to the edge of an icy river to make a life-saving grab. they rescued a back labrador after it slid past his owner's electric fence into the freezing waters. the dog is now in good condition. >>> a texas man didn't get away with much of anything during a recent robbery attempt. surveillance cameras caught the thief stealing an empty cash register from a fast food register. police later found him and arrested him
of the country. >>> in syria, at least 20 people are reported dead after coming under attack by government troops. this hours after monitoring teams from the arab league are set to arrive in damascus. >>> tonight there is a storm brewing in israel. it has to do with seating on public buses and women being told by men where they can and cannot sit. until one woman refused to move. it may remind folks of a woman who took a stand in this country more than 50 years ago. we get the story from nbc's martin fletcher. >> reporter: tanya rosinblit, the new poster child for women's rights. an orthodox jew said, you're a woman. go sit at the back of the bus. israel's rosa parks moment. "no," tanya said. >> if i were to go to the back of the bus i would be humiliating myself. >> reporter: a photo shows what happened next. a man threatening the bus, the threatening crowd. >> i was the only woman there. >> reporter: a policeman who came to help. after 30 minutes tanya won and kept her seat. then -- her story took off. the head of the opposition led a march to parliament. >> it's not only about women. it's abou
. >>> troubling news from syria. one top united nations official says the government has killed more than 5,000 civilians since the uprising began there nine months ago. among the dead, at least 300 children. >>> and now for a look at what is trending today, our quick roundup of what has you talking online. reality bites for former alaska governor, sarah palin. according to "the hollywood reporter," she's pitching a new reality show about her husband, todd's adventures as a snowmobile racer, but so far, no takers because the price is too high. >>> then, you've seen the denver broncos quarterback tim tebow take a knee in prayer, people calling it tebowing. and now, it is an official word, according to the global language monitor. tim tebow has even inspired a website called, showing everyone from goofy to a surgeon to an underwater snor l snorkeler all striking a pose. >>> and sorry, charlie, didn't you learn anything from anthony weiner? he tried to send a cell phone number to justin bieber with a direct message on twitter. well, he accidentally tweeted his number to millions
active and involved in national security matters in the middle east in particular with iran and syria, major pieces of legislation. i authored it through the united states senate. >> you, yourself, have said you will not make these social issues back burner issues. you want them front and center. your views on abortion are well known. you make no exception for abortion in the case of rape or incest. other republican candidates have now adopted that view. but somewhat lesser known are your views on contraception. you said it is not okay, that it's dangerous. you said you're the only presidential candidate willing to talk about your views against contraception for voters not familiar with you what are they? >> well, my views on contraception are consistent with my catholic faith but as a person who was involved in the united states senate for 12 years i mean i voted to allow that contraception funding. that is to me a personal decision. i do believe and have publicly stated i don't believe it's helpful. i think it is -- it leads to a lot of sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pr
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8